About Us

Who is Judi of Croix?

I'm Brian Bankston. My wife Millie, mother Alona, cousin Sean and friend Kingsley are "Judi of Croix".

My wife and I first visited the island in 2001. We fell in love with the island, people and culture. We knew that one day we wanted to move to this beautiful island. Our first car rental experience was with Judi of Croix. The service we received was unmatched so we rented from them every time we came to the island. In 2016 Dennis Denner decided to retire so we purchased the company from him. The company is like no other rental car company on St. Croix and continues to be synonymous with service, friendliness, and price. ("Judi of Croix" was also the original owners playful pun on "Helen of Troy" and we loved that.) 

Judi of Croix sets the car rental standard for customer service on St Croix and we expanded on that reputation and fleet. Kingsley has been with Judi of Croix for over 23 years.

In addition to helping you get around the island, feel free to share your travel and vacation plan questions with us. We're here to help make your visit a wonderful care-free experience. 

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Life in the Left Lane

St Croix has a long and rich history under seven different flags. Like many Caribbean islands, its people come from many places. The majority of its residents are African American, or "Crucians" as we say here. But we also have many Puerto Ricans, "down islanders", and US and Canadian "statesiders".

Even though we drive on the left, St Croix is a self-governing U.S. Territory and English is the native language. Crucians will greet you when you enter a room or as they pass by you on the street. Greet them with "good morning", "good afternoon" or "good night" (evening).

Speaking of driving on the left.... you'll quickly get used to it. Just remember this good driving advice:

1.  Drivers should "Keep their Left Shoulder to the Left Shoulder of the Road".
2.  When approaching an intersection, Look Left for the Stop Sign, not right.
3.  Some intersections are poorly marked, approach all intersections looking both ways.
4.  Our island-y roads vary from newly paved, to pot-holed, to gravel. Drive carefully and slowly, ...and enjoy the view!
5.  Keep back. Crucians routinely stop to let people and animals cross the road, and to let cars out of side streets and driveways. They'll politely tap their horn to advise or thank you. 


Use common sense wherever you go. Do not leave valuables in your car.

Greetings are important to locals. Say "good morning", "good afternoon" and "good night" when greeting people in public, and before asking for service.

View a printable map of St Croix and a list of our favorite restaurants, attractions and beaches.  

View the Live Christiansted Harbor Web Cam

Call 877-903-2123 toll free.

Already on island? Call us at 340-773-2123

Or, contact us by email at info@judiofcroix.com